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Please pay attention to folders!

Many people are submitting to the wrong folders, and I hate to decline but I must. I have been getting a lot of people submitting to the "Cosplay and Food Together" folder when they only have cosplay in the deviation. Do not submit to this folder! In order to submit to this folder you must have food incorporated with your cosplay. Also, with the subcategories of the anime and mangas folders please submit according to what genre of anime/manga the story is, not what gender you are cosplaying. Example of this would be when you're cosplaying as Ciel Phantomhive in the famous pink dress but you submit to the "Shoujo - Josei Anime, Manga" folder. This actually belongs in "Shounen - Seinen Anime, Manga" folder because Black Butler is Shounen. Please see the FAQ if you are still confused which folder to submit to.


Sweet-Cosplay now has a new support account for donations for contests that I would like to start having. Contests are always fun, but they're even more fun when prizes are involved. I'd like to also make the group possibly a premium group, but more so focus on contests for now.

Please visit SC-Support.
As some of you may have noticed there has been less acceptance going on lately. My life is very busy lately so it is very hard for me to keep up with the group. Of course however, I still plan on running this group and doing the best I can do to keep up with your submissions.



Who can join?
Anyone! You do not need to submit pieces to this group to become a member. No reason is necessary to join. Everyone and anyone is welcome.

My work was requested in this group / I was invited.
If your work was invited into this group, I (EnchantedCupcake) feel it is worthy to be shared to the rest of the group. It helps promote both the group and your work! If you received a personal invitation to join the group, I would love to see more of your work submitted here. I apologize in advance if this bothers you though.

What kind of cosplay is accepted?
Anything you would submit to any of cosplay group around here. Anime, Manga, Video Games, Western, Japanese Fashion, Original, ect.

What kind of food is accepted?
Only ones you would consider in the dessert category. Ex; Cookies, cupcakes, cake, chocolate, muffins, ect.
We do not accept jewelry or crafts and will result in an automatic decline.

How do I become a contributor?
Way 1: Attach 2 cosplays and 2 food pieces in a note. They must be your own work!
Way 2: You must have at least 15-20 deviations featured in our galleries. These may be either food, cosplay, or both.
For either please send us a note stating your reasons you wish to become a contributor in a minimum of 1-2 sentences.

I'm not sure if it's food that's appropriate for this group.
If you are not sure about a submission, submit it anyways! The worst thing that can happen is it will just be declined.

I am confused about what Magical Girl, Kodomo, Shoujo, Josei, Shounen, and Seinen are; can you explain them to me?
Magical Girl - Feature young girls with superhuman abilities. Ex; Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Cardcaptor Sakura, ect.
Kodomo - Directed towards Children. Ex; Doraemon.
Shoujo - Directed towards young female between the ages of 10-18. Ex; Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, ect.
Josei - Directed towards woman 18 and older. Ex; Nana, Paradise Kiss, Honey and Clover, ect.
Shounen - Directed towards young males between the ages of 10-18. Ex; Nature, Inuyasha, Dragon Ball, ect
Seinen - Directed towards men 18 and older. Ex; Chobits, Ghost in the Shell, ect.
You can submit yaoi/yuri, but if you are still confused about which category to submit it to please feel free to ask.

What can get my work declined?
Much of our acceptance is based on photography, and not your cosplay. Some reasons why a deviation may be declined; if you do not submit to the correct folders, bad quality, a simple snap shot or mediocre convention shots, your photo is overexposed/underexposed, your photo is grainy, bad composition, ect. We do not decline based on the quality of your cosplay.
No process work or pictures of your props either.
I know there are many other groups out there that will gladly accept your deviation, so do not get discouraged!
Please do not ask us to critique your work if your deviation was declined.

Why would you ever join two completely different things in a group?
Well, I (EnchantedCupcake) really wanted to make a group and just happened to choose between two of my favorite things; cosplay and food. Thus; I made Sweet-Cosplay.

Have a nice day!
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